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Find this image on  St. Matthew's Church, Station Road, Redhill  and year 1946 

Image number 5408
oldredhill.com image number 5408
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St Matthew's Redhill Company No 406 of the Church Lads' Brigade.
The Company ceased to operate sometime in the 1980s.
Comment 1

Daniel Holborn from Redhill posted this comment on Tuesday 15 July 2014 12:15:00.

I remember beingin this brigade in1948 and some of the names that come to mind are Gordon Simpson,Henry Pratley, Jackie Earl and Mr Longhurst,I recognise most of the other faces but tie has robbed me of their names. Daniel Holborn

Comment 2

Keith Fuller from Harrogate,Nth.Yorks. posted this comment on Tuesday 15 July 2014 21:04:00.

The photograph was taken in the summer of 1946/47 at a dress rehersal for a band and gym display in Reigate Priory Grounds.

I am the bugler lad standing in the middle at the back; the Gymnastics instructor on my right,and the Bandmaster on my left. The gentleman on his left, in busdriver uniform was our C.O., Mr.Songhurst - who was late!

Regrettably I've forgotten most names, but I was at Reigate Grammer school with Alan Durrant, our Drum Major, 5th from the left in the front row, wearing his sash.On HIS right is Bob...? the Bass Drummer in his tiger skin; Bob lived in Cromwell Road and I think worked for the Railway. His dad was a lorry driver. Another R.G.S. boy was Maurice(?) Shepherd,on the left end of the front row (who were all in a ditch!)

Although the faces and the personalities are so real even now, I've not met any of them - nor heard of their activities - since I was moved back to the South Coast in 1951 after spending most of the War years in the area.

For the whole of this time I lived at Salfords, No.24 Woodside

Way, and witnessed a fair bit of action from Nutfield aerodrome/The Monotype Works at Salfords and the V1, 'Buzz Bomb' activity that occured overhead/ incendaries in Petridge Wood etc. etc. Exciting times for a young boy.

I would appreciate ANY contact from those days; individuals/children/grandchildren/friends. Just to find out whether memories are identical and as pleasant as they seem now.

Lots of people were involved with the CLB events and routine and I have so many fond memories of these formative periods.

I have no other photos of CLB life, but would be happy to scan my copy of the Band photo and forward as required.

Nearly forgot to mention the major CLB Cross Country Running Championships - have a couple of medals presented by Sidney Wooderson, the great Blackheath Harrier International competitor (I was 12 at the time!!)


Keith Fuller.

This image was uploaded on Saturday 10 May 2014 19:16:40.

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