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Find this image on  Breech Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill 

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oldredhill.com image number 522
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Breech Lane and School, Walton-on-the-Hill. Unknown date. Unknown publisher.
Comment 1

William (Bill) Armstrong from Kidderminster posted this comment on Thursday 07 September 2017 15:42:45.

This is how I remember the lane and the school, which I attended from 1952 (I think!) until 1955 (definitely). The head was Miss Pocock and my form teachers, in order were Miss Triman, Miss Dunn and Mr. Couston. I'm not sure about the spelling of the first of these but do recall that she was known as Fatty! In the very early days, there was a Mr. Craighill, again not sure about the spelling and later and from Oz I think, a Mrs. Fink, who drove a pre-war Wolseley. I'd like to hear from anyone who was in my class. Cheers and best wishes, Bill

Comment 2

BARRIE GILBERT from TADWORTH posted this comment on Saturday 27 October 2018 15:31:01.

I attended here 1955-1959 I remember Miss POCOCK very well Myself and two girls ..we all lived on the then new and unfinished PRESTON HAWE ESTATE..were first taken by coach from the estate to Walton by coach After about 6 months all the pupils from the estate were offered places at Picquets way, but the 3 of us loved that school so much we decided to stay We had to catch the 80a bus from Shelvers way to the Chequers by ourselves every school day..was so safe then! Sometime Miss Pocock would give us a lift home in her BOND 3 wheeler..We kept in touch for a number of years after the 3 of us moved to the NEW DeBurgh school I went into the old school (now community centre) for the first time in over 50 years last year..what memories!!

Comment 3

Bill Armstrong from Kidderminster posted this comment on Wednesday 07 November 2018 16:28:08.

You must have had to walk the length of Shelvers Way to get the 80A - I believe that the bus stop in question was more widely known as Waterhouse Lane, which was the road leading to Kingswood village. Miss Pocock's first car was a Series 1 Morris Eight with, if I recall correctly, faded green paintwork. I do remember that soon after passing her driving test, she seemed to put what was then known as "Kangaroo Petrol" in the tank! I never had a ride in either the Morris or the Bond Minicar but did have some in Mrs. Fink's Wolseley. Also some pillion rides (no crash helmet of course)on Mr. Couston's Francis-Barnet motorbike - before he got this, he had a pushbike with a Cyclemaster engine in the rear wheel.

Comment 4

Steve Gale from Torbay posted this comment on Monday 30 May 2022 21:48:18.

When I attended the junior school (1959 - 1963), Miss Pocock had graduated to a Renault Dauphine. She used to park it at the top of Breech Lane, near the church entrance. Can recall two other teachers from that period: Mr. Calcutt and Mr. Farrow (who'd carelessly lost a couple of fingers tips at some point). One of the annual highlights was the school Ascension Day outing to a place of educational interest. I can remember trips to Haslemere museum, the Commonwealth Institute, and Runnymede (site of Magna Carta signing).

Comment 5

Bill Armstrong from Kidderminster posted this comment on Tuesday 21 June 2022 21:40:35.

The church entrance seemed to have been the school’s unofficial car park, as that’s where the aforesaid Bond, Morris and Wolseley rested. I remember the Epsom Coaches brining in pupils (students nowadays!) and there were at least two. I don’t recall any Ascension Day outings but do remember Miss Dunn taking some of us up to London in 1953 to see the Coronation decorations. We also saw “Buck House” and walked up Downing Street. I didn’t like football then (nothing has changed there) but did go on a trip to Wembley, Mr. Couston officiating, to see a Schoolboys’ International there, Wales v. England. It was the outing that appealed and I still remember the unusual coach that we went in and other items of transport interest that I saw (nothing’s changed here insofar as my interests are concerned?). I remember carol services in the church, rehearsals taking place in the organ loft (is that what it’s called?) climbing up a steep, narrow stairway I and being impressed by Mr. Couston’s playing, with hands as well as feet, and the result of a stop marked “swell” being pulled out. Well, that’s more than enough, so best wishes to all.

This image was uploaded on Saturday 25 February 2017 16:20:04.

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