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Find this image on  Holmesdale Road, Reigate  and year 1957 

Image number 2494
oldredhill.com image number 2494
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Holmesdale CP School. The country dancing team pictured in 1957 with teacher Beryl Newton are actually pictured at Glyn House, Ewell.
With thanks to Mr. P. White (who appears in the picture).
Comment 1

Penny Stapley from Birkdale, qld, Australia posted this comment on Friday 08 January 2010 07:50:00.

Beryl Newton is my cousin. I love this photo, as this is how I remember her: full of life, a great sense of humour, and full of stories about her overseas trips. I live in Australia, but hold very dear memories of Beryl.

Comment 2

Paul Gale from Clevedon posted this comment on Friday 15 June 2012 12:38:00.

Beryl Newton (or Mrs Newton, as we called her!) was my first teacher at Holmesdale CP, in 1958. She was a very nice lady!

Comment 3

Roger Campbell from Bourne, Lincs posted this comment on Thursday 26 December 2013 21:22:00.

Miss Newton was a lovely lady. When my Mum died in 1960 I was 11 and in my last year at Holmesdale, when she found out I had lost my Mum she came and held me in her arms for a long time ( something you would not be allowed to do now ) she really was the kindest, sweetest lady.

Comment 4

Peter White from Seaford posted this comment on Saturday 25 January 2020 23:02:35.

This is my photo. Beryl Newton became a family friend. 2 of the boys in this photo, myself and Richard Cripps, were privileged to speak at Beryl's funeral, about 3 years after we held a reunion (2008) in the former school's building which Beryl and some 36 pupils came to. Me front left, Richard front 3rd from left.

Comment 5

Peter White from Seaford posted this comment on Friday 31 January 2020 19:28:30.

For Penny Stapley, Comment 1, and Roger Campbell Comment 3, above. I was in Beryl Newton's class when my father died in 1956. She wrote my mother a wonderful letter, and they became lifelong friends. She ended the letter: "if there is anything that I can do to help you, or Peter, please do let me know. Remember me to Peter (I was off school for a while) and give him my love."

This image was uploaded on Sunday 09 July 2006 17:38:15.

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