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George and Dragon. Unknown date. Unknown publisher.
Comment 1

Peter hill from Rochester posted this comment on Tuesday 19 February 2013 21:31:00.

Used to live opposite the George and go to Cromwell Rd school next door, this was in about1956. Used to use the pub when I got older,I remember the licensee as being

Jim & Jen Dancey (I think) there parents also owned a pub in London Rd, but I can't remember the name, later on the licensee was Jim Dowber, lovely old traditional pub in those days. Jim Dowber went onto run "The Station" at Earlswood, before moving to a country pub that escapes my memory

Comment 2

Barbara Pennell from Truro posted this comment on Thursday 21 February 2013 22:36:00.

You're right Peter, it was the Danceys who ran the pub. I had my wedding reception there !!!! I am also in touch with Jim Dowbers' daughter Sally. I was Barbara Whiting then,attending Cromwell Road school and remember the Restaurant and school meals there.

Comment 3

Ruth CORNWELL from Hartland Devon posted this comment on Tuesday 30 August 2016 11:53:00.

The pub that the danceys run in London road redhill was I think the queens or the queens arms that may have been the son whichever it was they later went on to run the desert rat at lesbourne road Reigate.I at one point went out with one of the sons in the 60s who was another jim or as he was known jimmy.

Comment 4

Geoff Spooner from Horsham posted this comment on Saturday 24 February 2018 20:33:19.

It was the Queens Head not the Queens Arms. Sadly long gone

Comment 5

RUTH cornwell from Bideford posted this comment on Sunday 25 February 2018 09:47:06.

Ah yes the queens head knew it was the queens something.sad to say redhill and Reigate as they were have all long gone,may have in this day seemed old and scruffy but had some good times then and it was never boring.i lived in Reigate always went to redhill to meet up with friends and Saturday at the market hall to see brilliant bands many who eventually went on to be very famous.so glad that I spent my youth in those years,it was always exciting and interesting.

This image was uploaded on Tuesday 04 November 2008 17:47:57.

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