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Find this image on  Coopers Hill Road  and publisher Aerofilms Ltd. 

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High Beech, Nutfield. Unknown date. Aerofilms Ltd.
Comment 1

Anthony Meredith from Akeley, Buckingham posted this comment on Saturday 06 March 2010 10:47:00.

The photograph dates to 1950-54. High Beech, dating to Edwardian times, was built (in grounds of 20 acres) for Robert Carter, a successful London stockbroker. As a committed Christian, Carter deliberately chose a site for his home near South Nutfield Church. After the Second World War the house was too big for the elderly Carters, and in 1949 the house was sold to the London Police Court Mission to become a probation home, the idea of David Carter MBE, one of Robert's sons, who became the first Warden. The photograph clearly shows the lighter coloured brick, to the right of the house, which was the extension put on at this time to enable the house to cope with its new role. The photograph also shows the very tiny figures of David Carter (standing) and a group of boys (sitting) on the strip of grass, just to the left of the new front entrance. David Carter (1916-70) retired as Warden in 1954 - he subsequently founded Northease Manor School, near Lewes - but High Beech continued its work as a probation home until 1978. The house is now (I believe) back in private ownership.

(Tony Meredith, David Carter's son-in-law)

Comment 2

keith dawson from market rasen posted this comment on Friday 27 May 2011 14:42:00.

in 1957 i was sent to high beech for 1 year,at the time their was a waiting list as it was perceived as the best in the country. the staff were very fair and we were taught a number of skills, the recreation and outdoor activities were second to none, looking back on the experience it was one of the best periods of my life.

k dawson

Comment 3

John Edward Johnson from Richmond posted this comment on Thursday 27 September 2012 20:37:00.

I was sent there, I was a young teen teraway not a happy time. One year there then home to Kuala Lumpur. 15 years of age no job no hope. Joined the Army. Boys service. I did not get homesick I had got used to being away.

Comment 4

MICHAEL CLARKE from MORDEN posted this comment on Tuesday 05 February 2013 10:00:00.


Comment 5

John Howell from Guildford posted this comment on Saturday 17 August 2013 17:16:00.

Used to go High Beech as a young kid with my father (who worked for LPCM - later Rainer) for the cricket matches - the pitch fell victim to the M23. Still have a table leaf produced by the carpentry shop. Think a Mr Nicholls was on the the staff there.

Comment 6

Mrs Jacqueline Boyes from Sussac, France. posted this comment on Friday 08 August 2014 10:55:00.

I lived in a cottage in the grounds of High Beech, from birth in 1954 until I was 18 years old. My father was the horticultural instructor at the probation home at High Beech - Mr William Philip Smith. He also taught animal husbandry. It was, as I remember, a very successful school for young offenders and I still have letters of thanks that were sent to my father from boys who had worked under him and then made good in their lives. I remember there were several occasions, as I was growing up, that different young men would turn up, with a wife and family, to see my father and show him what a success they had made and to thank him for how he and the school had helped them. I remember that the home was run very strictly but there was fun too - like the making of guys for the huge bonfire and fireworks display on November 5th every year. The home taught the boys a trade - cooking, gardening, animal husbandry, woodwork - and above all self respect and respect for others. Such a pity that such places do not exist now.

Comment 7

Pilgrim Patton from Plymouth posted this comment on Tuesday 22 March 2016 13:50:00.

I was here for 10 months during 1967. My name then was Kevin Patton. The warden was a Mr. Walker & his wife was the Matron. One of the staff, whom I remember as Peter Smith, lived in a cottage in the grounds with his wife. During that summer Mr. Smith moved to an approved school, i think in Buckinghamshire. All the boys were allowed a week on home-leave, but because i had no family i went with Mr. Smith & his wife for a week in their new home.I cant remember all the lads names but there was a Mick Jones-Leeds, Tony Wright-Kent, Zigmund Fialka-?,Dave Smith-Manchester,John ?-Somerset, & a John Hickling(?)-Nottingham. You had to stand up for yourself there, but it was still a pretty good 10months there. If I hadn't done wrong I would not have been there, but i certainly learned to stay on the straight & narrow after that.

Comment 8

Michael Wilde from Prenton posted this comment on Friday 21 July 2017 16:42:39.

1966-67 I was sent or take to high beech (Michael Wilde) I had a stoke in 2002 but can remember some parts like when I got there I think Mr Walker tuck me to Regate to buy some thing to wear in a Humber car I think changing my life for the good . Mike

Comment 9

Michelle Butler from Tamworth posted this comment on Monday 23 April 2018 13:55:13.

My father was sent to High Beech in Oct 1957. He recently passed away and we found two photo's, a postcard of the home and a picture of him with another group of lads in Wales on a trip. His name was Edward Birch and he came from Stockport Cheshire. Would love to hear off anyone who knew him.

This image was uploaded on Thursday 07 February 2008 14:44:56.

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